Animal Welfare – SAFE to protest Canterbury Rodeo

Source: SAFE NZ
Animal rights organisation SAFE will be protesting at the Canterbury rodeo tomorrow, to stand up for the bullied and abused animals.
The Canterbury rodeo is part of the annual rodeo season, which last season saw four animals killed at events across the country. A horse was killed at this same rodeo last year. A horse was also killed at the 2018 Methven Rodeo, along with a horse and a bull at the 2019 Gisborne rodeo.
SAFE spokesperson Will Appelbe says the treatment of animals at rodeo events such as the Canterbury rodeo is cruel and most Kiwis support a ban.
"Every year at the Canterbury rodeo, normally docile animals are bullied and abused by so-called ‘cowboys’," says Appelbe.
"Bulls and horses are riled up before the event and fitted with uncomfortable flank straps which forces them to buck wildly. They are prey animals, so being ridden by a ‘cowboy’ makes them feel as if a predator has jumped on their back."
"The reality is that all animals used in rodeo are treated appallingly. Horses, bulls and calves are all bullied and tormented purely so a few people can play ‘cowboy’ for the day."
Information recently obtained by SAFE has revealed rodeo organisers are refusing to halt calf-roping events in rodeo, despite the Government’s animal welfare advisors’ recommendation that they do so. A report from the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee released last year stated there is moderate to serious concerns about the use of calves in rodeo events. The Rodeo Code of Welfare’s recommended best practice is that calves should not be used in rodeos.
"We know that the majority of Kiwis support a ban on rodeo. Protests across the country are growing in size every year, and countless more are showing their support in solidarity as they drive past. They are the silent majority."
"New Zealand is better than this. We’re a country of animal lovers, and it’s time the Government made this Aotearoa’s last rodeo season."
SAFE is New Zealand’s leading animal rights organisation.
We're working towards a world where animals are understood and respected in such a way that they are no longer exploited, abused or made to suffer.
The protest will begin at 10am, Saturday January 4, 2020 at the Canterbury Rodeo. 431 Mandeville Road, Mandeville, North Canterbury.
Notes for editor:
– Before the last election, the Labour Party promised to end the use of calves under 12 months of age, flank straps, electric prods, rope burning and tail twisting at rodeo events.
– More than half (59%) of the respondents in the Horizon Research survey said they would support a ban on using animals in rodeos in New Zealand.
– In 2018 the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) published their report Rodeo events – How do they impact the sentient animal?
– The report stated it had moderate to serious concerns about the use of calves in rodeo events. It also made a range of recommendations, including the establishment of the New Zealand Rodeo Animal Welfare Committee (NZRAWC), and a voluntary phase out of events that use calves.
– The Rodeo Code of Welfare states that calves should not be used in rodeo as recommended best practice. The New Zealand Rodeo Cowboys Association (NZRCA) is refusing to end the use of calves.
– The NZRCA is the national body for competitive rodeo events in New Zealand.