Digital Sector – PelicanCorp Acquires Geolantis Cloud Services

Source: PelicanCorp
Cloud-Enabled Data Visualization Engine and Pioneering Mapping Solutions Enhance PelicanCorp's Market Reach
PelicanCorp, the global leader in the damage prevention industry, today announced its acquisition of Geolantis, further strengthening its market reach into critical digitized data workflows.
Geolantis provides strong data visualization, highly accurate mapping capabilities, workforce management, and asset inspection that is complimentary to PelicanCorp’s robust set of existing solutions.
"We are immediately integrating the two companies. The Geolantis executive team is taking on significant roles at PelicanCorp. Geolantis will now become a division of PelicanCorp. The product names and website will remain the same. This year we will be developing ready-to-download offerings," said PelicanCorp CEO Duane Rodgers. "The Geolantis product line is the perfect complement to PelicanCorp’s popular Access product family."
The addition of Geolantis products enables the complete transformation of what was once a manual workflow to a digital one. This capability provides rich foundational technologies that will add power to the next generation of PelicanCorp cloud-centric software platforms and applications. Specializing in rich data integration coupled with optimized user interfaces enables data to be used in a more interactive way. A purpose-built robust business rules engine with analytics capabilities delivers vital data that is critical for the infrastructure industry.
"Our flagship product is Geolantis.360, a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) platform with mobile apps to manage remote workforces who map and survey above and underground infrastructure," said Michael Pegam, CEO Geolantis. "I’m excited about the combination of PelicanCorp and Geolantis portfolios. I strongly believe that it will positively impact our industry."
Shipments and sales of Geolantis products continue as the companies integrate their product portfolios as well as their development and sales teams. To learn more, visit PelicanCorp’s FAQ on the acquisition.
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